Every dragon purchased from us has a 2-week health guarantee. All dragons for sale are extremely healthy, flexible eaters. They already have a balanced diet of greens as well as various insects.


Don't be alarmed if your dragon's appetite has decreased during the first few days after arriving at their new forever home. It's common and they will need some time to adjust. However, if they continue to refuse to eat, please contact us right away.



Although we try our best to sex our beardies, we do not guarantee the gender.



Any questions or queries you may have, please bring them to our attention. We will always try our best to give you a fast and detailed response.


All of our shipping is handled via Reptile Express. For next-day delivery to your door or nearest Canada post location, shipments can be made every Monday to Wednesday. 


Under the condition that you are home and available to accept the package at the door, we guarantee the live delivery of your animal. 



If for whatever reason, your animal didn't survive upon arrival, we will refund your order with credit for another dragon. If you are not present for the delivery of the shipment, we cannot fulfill the shipping guarantee.


A tracking number will be provided to keep you up to date regarding the location of the shipment. 


We don't refund shipping costs. 


Worldwide shipping is available (Europe, the United States, and Asia). Please CONTACT US for shipping prices if you are not located in the US or Canada!


A 50% deposit is required to hold a dragon. No deposit necessary for regular purchases.


Pick order of dragons is first come first serve. We cannot promise the availability of a dragon unless a hold is deposited.


We accept most of our payments through EMT (email money transfer) made to



We accept all forms of payment through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to send money through PayPal if using a credit card.



We do NOT accept cashiers/bank checks.



All dragons plus shipping fee must be prepaid before shipping.

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